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This is Reloader's Cloud, your personal reloading log book and shooting result management tool. This free service was created by a group of shooting enthusiasts and long time reloaders.

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This is Reloader's Cloud, your personal reloading log book and shooting result management tool. This free service was created by a group of shooting enthusiasts and long time reloaders.
With our services, you can:
  • Record your reloading data
  • Track your reloaded ammunition
  • Record your shooting results
  • Keep track of your spent rounds
  • Keep records of your firearms and configurations
  • Export your data onto Microsoft Excel
  • Port your reloading data and firearm configuration to your smart phone.
The service is free. You can sign in with either your Google or Facebook account. If you don't have one, please use this link to create a Google account.
After logging in for the first time, you should see the Service Terms and Conditions screen. Agree with the service terms and conditions, and you are ready to go. Remember, all of your data will be associated with the account you use to access this site. This application is hosted on a Google APP Engine. This is the same cloud infrastructure that all Google services share. You can count on its reliability and availability.
We use Google and Facebook Authentication Service, we don't store any user's personal information on this site except the email address.

Mobile Apps

This is the age of smart phones, so we created some mobile apps for shooting sports enthusiasts, especially precision rifle shooters and reloaders. available for both Android and iOS devices. For more details, please visit the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. Or checkout the app instructions Here

Range Buddy

Range Buddy

Range Buddy turns your smart phone into a perfect companion for your range session. It's a powerful tool for shooters to record and analyze shooting accuracy.

SubMOA Pro, iOS

Range Buddy Pro

Range Buddy Pro is the enhanced version of Range Buddy with cloud based backend support. It allows users to download reloading data to the device and upload shooting results to Reloader's Cloud. The shooting results are able to associate with your reloading data and firearm setups.

Berlin, Texas, USA


X-Mark is designed for score competition shooters. It has 30 built in NRA standard targets for High Power Rifle, Smallbore and Pistol competitions and 10 ISSF Olympic targets. The app calculates shooting score based on selected target and shooting distance. It turns your plain paper target into any supported standard target. Besides built-in targets, users can define their own.

Berlin, Texas, USA


Boresighter is a simple yet very useful app that help shooters to sight in their rifle and optics with minimum effort and save ammo. It supports 10 popular calibers.

Mobile App Tutorials and Instruction


Also we try to make the apps user friendly, many user find there is a learn curve to get familiar with them. Here are some video tutorials on Youtube. For updated Range Buddy / SubMOA user manual, please click here.

This video records the action of iOS App SubMOA (Range Buddy in iOS). It demos the process of analysis and recording multiple groups on a single target image.

This video by Dominic Thompson explains how to set the target reference size.

This is an excellent video by Sultan Aiko that clearly explain how to set reference sizes and how to analyze multiple groups on the same target.

This is an excellent video created by F-Class John that demonstrate how to use SubMOA for load development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on this website?

This website started as an easy to use online reloading log book, and gradually we added features to record shooting result and firearms information. It also serves as the backed of the mobile app RangeBuddy Pro and SubMOA Pro. By record and collecting these data, the website provides the following services:

Track ammo inventory

View shooting results for a particular reload

View reloading data for a shooting group

Quick lookup for the most accurate load for a firearm

Track firearm shot count and barrel life

How do I sign up?

You don't need to create a user name and password for this website. Just use your existing Google+ (or Gmail) or Facebook. After your account is created, you can get the service code used to sync your mobile device with this website.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! all your data is stored in Google Cloud Service. We also provide an export feature that lets you download your data to Excel files

Why do the apps have different names on Android and iOS?

The app was first developed for Android and called Range Buddy and Range Buddy Pro. But at that time, there was already an app called Range Buddy in the Apple Store, so we decide to name them SubMOA and SubMOA Pro for the iOS version.

Both the Android version and iOS version are updated frequently and have the same features.

How do the apps work?

The core functions of these apps are measuring and documenting shooting results. You can take the target picture, mark the bullet holes, and the app will calculate the group size, MOA (or MIL), group width and height, and the average point of impact (POI). You can post the results near the group. If you set the point of aiming (POA), the app will calculate the difference between POI and POA, and the scope windage and elevation adjustments.

You can calculate single groups or multiple groups on the same target picture and save the average group results.

If you want, you can use the Picture in Picture (PIP) feature to document your equipment configuration with the target picture.

What is reference size? How do I set it on the target?

The app calculates group size by counting the pixels on the target picture between bullet holes. But the app has no idea how to translate pixels to real distance without knowing the reference size.

The reference size is the real distance (inch or mm) between 2 locations on the target picture, users can mark 2 locations on the target picture in which they know the real distance. The app will know how to calculate real distance based on pixel counts.

To set the reference size:

1. Identify 2 localtions on the target where you know the real distance.

2. Moving the picture, put location #1 under the green mark.

3. Click the ruler button, a red start ruler mark will be put on location #1

4. Moving the picture, put location #2 under the green mark. A red line will follow between the 2 locations

5. Click the ruler button again, a dialog window will appear and let you enter the real distance.

6. Click on the OK button, the reference size was set

You can do this process multiple times if you think something is not right.

For more information, please check the Range Buddy / SubMOA user manual.

How do I know if the reference size is correct

It is simple, suppose your set your bullet diameter correctly, for example, 0.308" for 30-06, 308 Winchester, 0.224" for 223 Remington, 0.310" for 7.62X39. If the reference size is correct, the red bullet holes should be very close to the bullet hole size on target.

Card image cap

Correct Setting

Reference size and bullet diameter is correct.

Card image cap

Incorrect Setting

Wrong settings. In this case, the ammo is 223 Remington, but bullet diameter was set to 0.308"


For more information, please check the Range Buddy / SubMOA user manual.

iOS - When I add bullet holes, why is the location is not on the green mark?

When marking bullet hole, point of aiming, or notes, the system needs to map the green mark location in the center of view window to the target image under it. in iOS, the mapping only works correctly when the image size is larger than the view window. So if this happens, just zoom in on the images and try again.

When I start the analysis, where is the green mark?

The green mark is fixed at the center of the view window, it's a overlay on the target image. If you didn't see the green mark, just zoom the image, it will appear.

How does cloud syncing work?

Range Buddy Pro (Android) and SubMOA Pro (iOS) can sync data with the website. The sync process works like this:

1. The app downloads reloading data from website.

2. The app downloads firearm data from website, the new app version also downloads firearm pictures if available.

3. The app retrieve a list of group records already in the website.

4. The app upload group analysis results and target pictures to the website.

After syncing with Cloud, you can delete the analysis results and target pictures from your device to save storage.

Why is some of my reloading data not downloadiing?

During the sync process,the server will check if a particular reload was all spent, if so the record will not download to the app. This is designed to prevent too many data from loading onto your phone.